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Private or Group Museum Tours

Book a private or group museum tour and learn about Vancouver’s riveting history from experts and historians!

Our private museum tours delve into the lawless origins of Vancouver as a city and explore fascinating elements of policing, crime and justice throughout the decades. You’ll get to immerse yourself our newest exhibit, Behind the Lines. This wild ride takes you through the history of Vancouver’s street safety, from carriages, cars and prohibition to motorcycles, riots and beyond!

You’ll also discover our famous True Crimes exhibit, which highlights the city’s most notorious crimes and cold cases with authentic evidence and artefacts on display. And, of course, you’ll see the city’s first morgue and autopsy suite in addition to hundreds of rare arefacts, archives and photos from our own collection.

Our museum is brimming with exciting history, exhibits and artefacts that you can’t find anywhere else in the world. A designated heritage building, it was once the Coroner’s Court, Autopsy Facility and the City Analyst’s Laboratory, making it one of the most authentic museum experiences in the world.

A great group activity, unique gift or educational experience, this tour is highly recommended. To book your private or group Museum Discovery Tour, email programs@vancouverpolicemuseum.ca, or call 604.665.3346