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NEW EXHIBIT! Keeping Your Community Safe: A photographic journey of the VPD

Come see The Vancouver Police Museum’s new photographic exhibit Keeping Your Community Safe: A photographic journey of the VPD, on from Feb. 26-April 13th.

We see and hear about The Vancouver Police Department through the lens of the news and media, but rarely through the eyes of the officers themselves. Behind the scenes, there are many moments of tenderness, happiness and beyond—each showing a different side to the VPD that is relatable and unfiltered.

For over 7 years Julie Scott has been photographing the VPD, exploring the different facets of policing in Vancouver. In her new exhibition, Keeping Your Community Safe, she provides snapshots into the world of policing, highlighting the admiration and respect she has for the men and women who serve.

“One day I was taking photos during a police judo class. One of the police officers suggested that I come to the PSU training the following day and photograph them. That was almost seven years ago. I photograph all of the PSU’s training and operations, such as Canada Day, Celebration of Lights, and New Year’s Eve. I have spent countless hours developing relationships with the officers. I think that as a result of this commitment I have built a strong level of trust with them. This trust allows me to capture honest and sincere moments.”—Julie Scott, Photographer for the VPD

This exhibition is presented by the Vancouver Police Foundation and hosted by the Vancouver Police Museum and Archives

To purchase prints of Julie Scott’s photography, visit the Vancouver Police Foundation Store.