The Vancouver Police Museum's exhibit, Gun Culture, explores the origins of gun culture and society's shifting views on why and how firearms should be used.

Coming Soon! New Exhibit: Gun Culture

This Vancouver Police Museum exhibit looks at Canadian gun culture and explores the history of individual firearms and their role in modern society. About the Exhibit Over the past century, gun usage and its portrayal in the media, movies and press has shifted dramatically, and we take a look at

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The Vancouver Police Museum's newest event will test your survival skills for the next zombie apocalypse. See our impressive weapons to choose from for your own protection, including morning stars, nunchucks and crossbows.

New Exhibit Experience! Weapon of Choice: Surviving the Zombie Apocalypse

Join The Vancouver Police Museum for our newest exhibit experience: Weapon of Choice: Surviving the Zombie Apocalypse. Test your zombie survival skills and learn about The Vancouver Police Museum’s extensive weapons collection at the same time! About the Exhibit The zombie apocalypse has descended upon the city of Vancouver and

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Join us for an immersive murder mystery experience at The Vancouver Police Museum. See if you can solve the murder based of a true crime in Vancouver! This is a one-of-a-kind Vancouver Halloween Event that you don't want to miss!

Alice: An Immersive Murder Mystery

OPENING OCTOBER 2019 | A SPECIAL VANCOUVER HALLOWEEN EVENT! Brace yourselves for an immersive theatre experience at the Vancouver Police Museum. Solve a crime inspired by true events and scour the old city morgue for clues. Who killed Alice? In the dying hours of October 26th, 1929, Miss Alice Stapleton

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Vancouver history has never been more exciting. Come see The Vancouver Police Museum's newest exhibit 'The Moral of the Story : A History of the Mulligan Affair and The Penthouse Investigation.'

NEW EXHIBIT! The Moral of the Story

Dive into our newest exhibit: The Moral of the Story: A History of the Mulligan Affair and The Penthouse Investigation In Vancouver, concepts of morality have been used to shape public opinion and to spur action by the city’s government and police force. Explore two events from Vancouver’s past that challenged

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Walking the Beat (16 yrs old+)

Suitable for older students, this tour explores the history, social issues and law enforcement challenges of Vancouver’s Downtown Eastside. Learn about the important history of labour, racial tensions, and police corruption in early Vancouver. This is an outdoor walking tour around the Downtown Eastside and Chinatown. Please dress weather-appropriately. Duration:

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Break and Enter Vancouver Police Museum

Break & Enter Investigation (10-13 yrs old)

Our Break & Enter Investigation Program is perfect for junior detectives looking to hone their skills in analyzing forensic evidence. From fingerprints to ballistics, and chromatography, detectives will work in small teams and follow the clues that point to the suspects responsible for the Break and Enter at the City

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Museum Discovery Tour

Museum Discovery Tour (All ages)

Join us for a guided tour of our current exhibits and historical spaces in the museum, including the former Coroner’s Courtroom, City Morgue and Autopsy Facilities. Learn about the history and significance of the City Analyst’s Lab and their role in developing forensic technology. Duration: 1 hour Capacity: 10-30 Cost:

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Mini Police Academy Vancouver Police Museum 2

Mini Police Academy (5-9 yrs old)

Perfect for our youngest junior detectives, this program combines learning about the history of the VPD and a look at our current exhibits with games, storytelling and arts and crafts. There’ll be time to try on real historical police uniforms, see the old jail cell and design your own police

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Vancouver Police Museum Investigation Fun

Kidnapping Investigation (14 yrs old+)

The City Analyst has gone missing! It’s up to your team of detectives to solve the case. Looking at all the collected material, including crime scene, impressions and DNA evidence, piece together the connections between the suspects and the sequence of events leading up to our Analyst’s kidnapping. Can you

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Ghost Tours in the Morgue

A thrilling series of events at the old City Morgue with Northern Paranormal Investigations Looking for an event in Vancouver to thrill, chill and excite? Start the month of ghouls and goblins with a bang! The Northern Paranormal Investigators join us again for two spooktacular evenings of storytelling. Northern Paranormal

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