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The Vancouver Police Museum has fostered the careers of many museum curators, historians and directors. Our internships and volunteer opportunities let individuals

  • Learn the foundational elements of museum work and management
  • Work with a diverse and experienced group of directors, curators, museum specialists and VPD members
  • Gain exclusive access to some of Vancouver's most exciting and historical documents and artefacts
  • Attend and take part in museum events and lectures
  • Boost work experience through an immersive and diverse range of roles

Role Opportunities

Guest Services Volunteer: This role focuses on welcoming guests to the museum, managing admission sales and performing administrative tasks. An excellent opportunity for those interested in hospitality, management and office administration.

Education Volunteer: This role focuses on sharing stories of historical significance with museum visitors during educational programs. Volunteers also develop new programs to intrigue and engage learners of all ages. A great opportunity for those interested in history, performance and education.

Curatorial Volunteer: This role focuses on preserving and maintaining the VPM's collection of historical artefacts, in addition to researching and designing exhibits that inform, educate and captivate visitors. A great opportunity for those interested in museum curation, history and research.

Public Programs Volunteer: This role focuses on developing and marketing public programs such as our Sins of the City walking tours, our annual Speaker Series and Movies in the Morgue. A great opportunity for those interested in marketing, design and public outreach.

Guest Curator Submissions

The Vancouver Police museum takes submissions for Guest Curator positions annually. This position is open to professionals who have a background in museum curation. To apply for this position

  • Submit an official proposal and letter of intent explaining your vision for an exhibit that fits that mandate of the museum
  • In your proposal, include a plan that explains how you would execute the project from start to finish
  • Include a description of what your exhibit aims to achieve in the broad scope of public education

Selected submissions will receive an honorarium of $1000 upon exhibit completion. For more information about this program, email director@vancouverpolicemuseum.ca


We are proud to foster an inclusive, caring and socially responsible atmosphere for our staff of all backgrounds.


In our wide range of roles, individuals get to use their creative skill sets to generate innovative ideas, programs and plans for the museum!


The museum gives volunteers the chance to collaborate with a talented pool of experts who love working as a team!

Message from Diane Panozzo, Museum Director

"Each year we work with a talented group of interns and volunteers who contribute to the museum's success. We are always on the lookout for eager recruits who share our passion for history, education and public programming!"

VPM Volunteers
Volunteer at The Vancouver Police Museum
Stephanie D. | Collections Volunteer I began volunteering with the Vancouver Police Museum in the last semester of my Bachelors at the University of British Columbia, hoping to gain experience in the museum field. During my time at The Vancouver Police Museum, I volunteered with the curatorial department, assisting the curator with a number of projects including the rehousing of both the police hat and footwear collections, cataloguing and accessioning of objects, and updating the collection database. My favourite part of volunteering was encountering different objects in the collection and discovering the stories that went with them. I also thoroughly enjoyed working alongside the staff and other volunteers who offered different views of museum life and made every shift a new experience. I am currently studying Sustainable Heritage Management at Aarhus University in Denmark, will be interning with a local museum this autumn, and hope to pursue a career in the museum field after graduation.
Naomi N. | Collections/Archives Volunteer and Marketing and Public Programs Coordinator A couple of years ago I started volunteering as a collections assistant and was immediately taken aback by the expansive collection hidden in the bowels of the museum. It’s true what they say about old buildings and their secrets. The heritage building looks unassuming and “police” seems a rather narrow topic but the museum holds opportunities far beyond the bounds of either these attributes. Because the museum is a small organization, I was able to work on the collections, archives, and public programming projects. I was also always in close collaboration with the curator, archivist or education programmer depending on the project. From spending my hours carefully accessioning artifacts to categorizing forgotten documents from the archives to leading children through a 3-day crime-solving adventure during Spring Break camp, volunteering here broadened my understanding of why we have these institutions in the first place and played a significant role in confirming my intentions to work in this field. I became a YCW Summer Student Collections Assistant and continued to volunteer past summer. I'm proud to say I recently joined the team as the Public Programming and Marketing Coordinator!

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