Safety First During COVID-19: Updated Protocols at The Vancouver Police Museum

We are thrilled to announce the re-opening of the Vancouver Police Museum but we cannot stress the importance of keeping safety and health a priority during this unprecedented time.

In light of the circumstances, the museum will welcome visitors back under our new health and safety regulations, which include the following measures:

New Hours

  • The museum has new days and hours of operation to allow for extra sanitization prior to opening. The new days and hours are the following: Wednesdays 11 am – 5 pm | Thursdays- Saturdays 10:00 am – 5:00 pm | Sunday, noon – 5:00 pm | We are closed on Mondays and Tuesdays.

What to Know Before Your Visit to the Museum

  • Online ticket sales are available to facilitate contactless ticketing. Purchase here.
  • If patrons are not feeling well, we ask that they stay home

What to Know During Your Visit 

  •  A limited number of people are allowed in the building at any given time up to a max of 50 people, including staff and visitors
  • Staff will track numbers of visitors throughout opening hours. Visitors may call ahead for an update about current capacity and will be informed upon arrival as well
  • When purchasing tickets in person, visitors are asked to use debit or credit cards if possible. The purchase of admission tickets online is preferred
  • The checking of bags and coats has been suspended and visitors are asked to avoid bringing backpacks into the museum; if visitors have small backpacks, they must carry them at their sides
  • A limited number of people are allowed in each exhibit room (based on room size)
  • Room occupancy signs are posted outside each room
  • Directional signs are in place to guide visitors along a one-way route through the museum
  • A museum wayfinding map outlining the directional flow is posted in the lobby and is available for download
  • Physical distancing reminder signs are posted throughout the museum
  • Plexiglass sneeze guards are in place at the front desk to limit contact between visitors and staff
  • A hand sanitizer station is in place at the museum entrance
  • Wearing face masks is not required at this time
  • Touch displays and interactive components have been removed from all exhibits. They have been replaced with digital content accessible through the use of QR Codes located at the individual displays. Visitors can use their smartphones and personal mobile devices to view or listen to audio or text material
  • The museum undergoes a thorough cleaning and disinfecting at the start of each day prior to opening
  • Areas with high-touch surfaces are cleaned and disinfected every 2 hours
  • Public washrooms are cleaned and disinfected every 2 hours

Staff Safety

  • Staff will stay home if they feel unwell
  • Staff and volunteers will avoid working in close proximity to one another when possible
  • Masks, gloves and hand sanitizers are provided to all staff and volunteers
  • Work shifts for staff are coordinated to limit the number of staff in the museum at any given time
  • All staff have been trained on COVID-19 safety measures prior to returning to work
  • Staff workstations and lunchroom (including refrigerator, microwave, coffee/tea station) are cleaned regularly and disinfected after each individual use
  • Staff must use the staff washroom and refrain from using the public washroom when possible
  • Staff are required to actively promote and monitor personal care and hygiene including frequent hand washing and social distancing

As the municipal, provincial and federal safety regulations are ongoing, we will update our standards regularly. We encourage visitors with any questions or concerns to contact us via email at or to call us at (604) 665-3346.

All our staff at the museum would like to thank the public for their support and kind words of encouragement. We want to thank all of our patrons for sticking with us during this difficult time, and we’d like to extend our sincerest, heartfelt wishes to anyone affected by COVID-19. We would also like to thank all the frontline healthcare workers for their tireless efforts. We are all in this together and hope to create a safe and educational environment that everyone can enjoy!

Want to learn more about what to expect at The Vancouver Police Museum? Check Out Our Visit Page.

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