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The Vancouver Police Museum is one of the city's most historic sites, making it a fascinating location to host events, meetings, parties and seminars. Designed by Arthur J. Bird, the structure dates back to 1932 and keeps much of its original style and foundations, which are a blend of classic Georgian Revival and Art Deco styles.

Moreover, the building formerly housed Vancouver's Coroner's Court and the City Analyst's Laboratory, lending a dramatic element of history to its environment. Two of our most popular rooms and attractions, unsurprisingly, are the morgue and autopsy suite—both of which have hosted an exciting array of events, including Halloween parties, birthday parties and book launches.

Other rooms in the building feature a wide range of captivating exhibits and attractions to entertain guests, while the spaces themselves are intimate and full of character.

Filming Location Rentals

The Museum has also played host to a number of famous TV shows and movies, including The X-Files, Man in the High Castle, The Romeo Section and Da Vinci's Inquest.

It has also been a popular location for student film projects and live theatre. Those looking for authentic​ ​period​ ​spaces​ and an intact​ ​autopsy​ ​suite and morgue will find the Vancouver Police Museum fitting as the perfect venue​.


Event Rentals:
Main Gallery/Morgue 
Standing Reception Capacity: 120
Minimum Rental: (4 hours) $500
Non-profit Rental: (4 hours) $250

*Liquor Licence required to serve alcoholic beverages

Meeting Room Rentals:
Seating Capacity: 10-15
Minimum Rental: (1 hour) $50
Non-profit Rental: (1 hour) $25

Film Rentals:
Daytime Hours (7am-7pm)
Minimum Rental: (4 hours) $500
Additional Rental: (1 hour) $125
Maximum Rental Fee: $1500

Evening Hours (7pm-7am)
Minimum Rental: (4 hours) $600
Additional Rental: (1 hour) $150
Maximum Rental Fee: $1800

Parkade Rental
24-Hour Rental: $400

*Liability insurance is required for all event and film rentals. Rates ​are​ ​changeable​ ​depending​ ​on​ ​​preferred​ ​dates ​and​ ​time​s​. ​For more information, please email or call 604-665-3346.

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