Private or Group Museum Tours

Book a private or group museum tour and learn about Vancouver’s riveting history from experts and historians! Our private museum tours delve into the lawless origins of Vancouver as a city and explore fascinating elements of policing, crime and justice throughout the decades. You’ll get to immerse yourself our newest

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Behind the Lines, Vancouver Police Museum, New Exhibit Fall 2018

Behind the Lines: A Traffic Story

Behind the Lines: A Traffic Story—Fasten your seatbelts for our new exhibit! This wild ride will take you behind the lines and through the history of Vancouver’s street safety, from carriages, cars and prohibition to motorcycles, riots and beyond! Since the introduction of automobiles, street traffic has become an important

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Sins of the City Vancouver Walking Tours The Vancouver Police Museum

Sins of the City Tours

Take a walk on the West Coast’s wild side with the Vancouver Police Museum’s Sins of the City Tours! Our Sins of the City Vancouver walking tours are among the city’s best! With our expert guides, you’ll learn about Vancouver’s legendary history of drugs, discrimination, prohibition, sex and scandal. Step through the

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Never Forgotten Exhibit Floral Arrangement, Vancouver Police Museum

Never Forgotten

Never Forgotten: A look at the life, legacy and incredible stories of those who served. During the history of Vancouver’s municipal police force, sixteen officers and eight police service dogs have been killed in the line of duty. Our newest exhibit, Never Forgotten, explores the commemoration of the fallen from

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ESL Tours Vancouver Police Museum

ESL Tours

We happily adjust all our programming for age and language proficiency. If you are booking for a group who are not fluent in English, please let us know beforehand by email, over the phone, or by visiting our education page, clicking on the tour you like and then selecting the

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Movies in the Morgue

Movies in the Morgue has returned! This time around we have got a year’s worth of high speed chases, heists, and grand theft auto waiting for you in the Old City Morgue. Are you ready to cosy up by our shiny morgue drawers, right outside the original autopsy suite, just

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Best Museum Exhibits Vancouver, The Vancouver Police Museum's True Crime Exhibit

Feature Exhibit: True Crime

True Crime: Real people, original evidence, and the true story behind Vancouver’s most notorious crimes. Explore crime investigation in the former city morgue. True Crime, the Police Museum’s feature exhibit, goes beyond some shocking and intriguing headlines to highlight the scientific and investigative methods used to solve some of Vancouver’s

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