Memorial Poem

We present a beautiful and heartfelt commemorative poem in honour of all those Vancouver police officers tragically killed in-the-line-of-duty. The poem is written by Sgt. S. Gibson.

About the Poem

"This poem was written on Remembrance Day November 11th, 2000. I was thinking about the Police Memorial project and was also inspired by Remembrance Day. I woke up that morning with the poem running through my head and wrote it down. I wanted it to be as if the officers killed were talking from beyond the grave to the new police officers and their spirit was watching over them."

Sgt. S. Gibson, VPD


Once I stood where you stand now
I wore the uniform you wear now
Once I walked the lonely beat
In the rain and in the heat

Once I held the torch in my hand
To fight the darkness in our land
And since I am no longer here
It is up to you to fight the fear

Fear of darkness and of crime
To keep us safe in this time
And now this torch I pass to you
Fight the darkness is what you must do

Although my body may be gone
Inside of you my spirit lives on
Beside you when you walk the beat
In the rain and in the heat
Once I stood where you stand now

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