VPD Memorial Salutes:

Officers Killed in War

When duty called in time of war many Vancouver Police Department members joined the Canadian Armed Forces to serve their country. They took a leave of absence hoping to return to the Vancouver Police Department after the war. Some did not return as they gave their lives protecting their country. They died in a far-off land far from their home of Canada. This page is dedicated to bringing the memory of our boy's home and to pay tribute to the sacrifice they made.

Roll of Honour

The actual Roll of Honour can be viewed at the Vancouver Police Museum.

World War II 1939-1943

Henry Alexander Smith
Killed April 17th 1943,
Age 27

James Hector Sutherland
Killed August 28th 1944,
Age 33, Italy

World War I 1914-1918

Cst. 159 David Angus Morrison
Killed May 8th 1915,
Age 27, France

Cst. 114 Robert McLean
Killed June 27th 1916,
Age 29, Belgium

Police Court Prosecutor John K. Kennedy
Killed August 14th 1916,
Age 41, Belgium

Cst. 197 Hazen Winslow Hall
Killed March 17th 1917,
Age 29, France

Cst. 152 Reginald Lemon
Killed August 15th 1917,
Age 24, France

Cst. 124 Ernest Scarlett
Killed August 15th 1917,
Age 32, France

Cst. 22 James Murray Watson
Killed August 5th 1918,
Age 27, France

Cst. 67 John Elliott
Killed September 2nd 1918,
Age 25, France

Cst. 148 William Morrison
Killed September 29th 1918,
Age 29, France