The Chief Canuel Scholarship

The Chief Canuel Scholarship Fund

The Chief R.J. Canuel Scholarship Fund was established in 1998 and is open to those who wish to continue their education at a post-secondary level and enter law enforcement as a career path. Founded by the Canuel children, it was created to honour the legacy of their father.

Who Can Apply

  • Students in BC who are in their final year of post-secondary studies
  • Have an interest in policing as a career
  • Have a minimum of two years experience volunteering within their community

How to Apply

  • Provide a letter of interest
    • Defining your future career goals and how you will obtain them
    • Why you are interested in the field of law enforcement
    • What skills you have that would be transferable to the field of law enforcement
    • Provide an example of leadership skills
    • Provide an example of a challenge you've experienced and how you overcame it
  • Provide a copy of your resume
  • Two references: one personal and one from a volunteer position

Application Deadline

  • Application and supporting materials Due August 1, 2019
  • Please send your letter of interest and resume to Museum Director, Rosslyn Shipp by email, stating Canuel Scholarship Application in the subject line.
  • Please, direct references to email, including your name and Canuel Scholarship in the subject line (ex. Joe Swan - Canuel Scholarship Application Reference).
The scholarship committee will meet mid to late August and awardees will be notified by Sept. 1st. Contact us if you have any questions!

About Chief Canuel 

Chief Constable Ray Canuel was one of the Vancouver Police Department's most admired members. Joining the VPD in 1966 he quickly rose through the ranks to become Chief Constable in 1994, invigorating a troubled police force with his optimism, empathy and genuine kindness. When Canuel became Cheif, officer morale was at an all-time low, but he was determined to change the tides for the police force. He went out of his way to acknowledge jobs well done and worked hard to rebuild a department-wide sense of trust, integrity and pride.

While part of his success came from his excellent leadership skills, it was his ability to relate to individuals from all walks of life, in all types of situations, that truly made him a remarkable Chief. Opening the doors for understanding and compassion in a time when there wasn't much among the ranks, he truly became a role model for all officers at every level. Perhaps it was his varied experience in virtually all positions of the department that helped him understand his men better than the rest.


1966 - Hired as a custodial guard

1968 - Became a Police Constable

1974 - Promoted to Corporal

1975 - Served on the Drug Squad

1976 - Became Detective in Internal Investigation Section

1978 - Returns to major crime as Supervisor

1979 - Promoted to Sergeant in charge of the Patrol Squad

1981 - Returns to Major Crimes in a supervisory position

1983 - Promoted to Staff Sergeant; works in patrol, then Vice Squad, then Strike Force

1985 - Promoted to Inspector; goes to Information Section where he is instrumental in the force’s move to computerization

1989 - Returns to Major Crime

1991 - Promoted to Superintendent

1991 - Becomes Deputy Chief of Operations

1993 - Is asked to be acting Chief Constable

1994 - Officially appointed as Chief Constable

1997 - Retires from the department


Chief Canuel
Canuel Scholarship

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